~8317931Sometimes FairytalesHaving been involved a project with artist JR called “Inside Out” which globally made the city walls a canvas and bring work alive,  I decided to try and do something like this again.  Rather than hire a space and print and frame photos, I have printed a series of work at A0 (33×48 inches) and they are pasted them around Dublin on paper for a limited time only!!

This project has been a collaboration with the lovely Rebecca Welch who gave me the extra layer to the image..her “cookies”..a series of words put together to convey emotion in an incredible way. I have a collection of these words and could cover Dublin in photos…which I might.

Because of the nature of weather/business and people..this body of work may have a short or long time span (one of the first collection of 5 is still on display in Dublin) so I have started to show these in the city centre.  If you see one..take a photo and hash tag a post #cookies where ever you can..the idea of this collection is to make art..make people think and share it.

I have added multiple copies of the same piece in different locations and have already received great feedback with I appreciate.

Make art and bring it to the people